Those who achieve the most in life are always learning. They are students of life, students of their mentors, students of their peers, and students of their experiences. Their 'cups are empty', always ready to learn. At the LITA, courses are designed for these types of people; both those who aspire to achieve and those who are already achieving. The framework of the Laureate International Tech and Academy is based on the concept of 'innovative and high-tech’; a virtual education programme that is set up to provide further enrichment, whether professionally or personally. Anybody can benefit from continuing education, but the informal and flexible nature of continuing education courses provides a particular advantage to those whose professions are constantly evolving, especially in the health sector. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body, which leads to a healthy, wealthy life. Also with minimizing money interactions, We believe in offering courses of degree and diploma in health and IT sector.

Set up in 2020 LITA is a private institution which was established with the aim of providing professional courses to local and international students. Whilst Operating within the framework of the OFQUAL, the institution offers a delightful learning environment bright in natural sunlight with the best possible opportunities and tools to enhance your research and learning outcome. We recognize that education is vital in developing skills needed for a productive society and essential in promoting the individual’s sense of worth values, and high ethical standards.

Laureate International Tech and Academy, where QAQF has blended with the skills that make a successful organisation, with the academic experts and leading professors at the UK's leading online university. The Laureate International Tech and Academy recognises as a strictly structured, tightly framed environment like that of a traditional university or classroom setting is not the most suitable for the fast-paced, dynamic and progressive life and busy schedules of students. Unlike a normal classroom, LITA offers a flexible and informal educational environment tailor-made for professional development.



The QAQF designed Laureate international tech and academy in a way to offer well-developed courses,under-graduation, post- graduation and a diploma in HEALTH SECTOR and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECTOR, from beginner to advanced to niche, like nursing, management, leadership.



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